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Introduction of OSAKA UMEDA AR Navigation—Application-based AR directions from Osaka Station



Use your smartphone to get precise AR-based route navigation to major facilities around Osaka and Umeda with LinkRayTM. Simply capture the light emitted from special LinkRayTM enclosures (to be installed in 9 locations around Osaka Station and Osaka Station City) to display 3D navigation*1 guides that lead even between floors, including in stairwells.
This system uses augmented reality to lead smartphone users*2 to destinations with moving arrows that appear even underground. The app is also multilingual*3, providing users with directions in a language they are familiar with.
*1: The smartphone-based “AR Navigation” function receives signals transmitted from LED light sources such as digital signage and light guide plates to obtain information.
*2: Not compatible with all smartphone models.
*3: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean languages supported.

【 Outline 】
-Location (Address)
Destinations include major facilities in the Umeda Area, specifically at Osaka Station and Osaka Station City