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Winter is Coming to Umeda — Announcing the Umeda Snowman Festival 2018!



For this year’s 9th annual celebrations, the festival will begin with the SNOWMAN FASHION SHOW—an opening-day event with apparel store staff and local schools in the Umeda area showcasing “Out and About in Umeda — Winter Coordinations.” The second half of the show will feature a talk show with the popular model Maggy as a special guest.
During the remainder of the festival, some 50 Umeda area restaurants and cafes will take part in the Snowman Food event by offering photo-worthy special snowman menu items including latte art drinks and baked confectionery. Throughout the festivities, snowman decorations and illuminations will paint the area with color, and various other activities including Christmas goods workshops and Christmas music performances will be available.
Come and visit Umeda for an exciting snowman-filled time enveloped in dazzling lights!
【 Outline 】
-Duration of Event
November 3, 2018 (Saturday) – December 25, 2018 (Tuesday)
-Location (Address)
Various locations throughout Umeda (including commercial facilities and hotels)
Within walking distance of Umeda Station (various lines) and JR Osaka Station