UMEDA, a HUB in the Kansai Region

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UMEDA, a HUB in the Kansai Region

The Kansai area includes the three distinctive cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, interconnected by rail and approximately just 30 minutes apart.
The local railway and road systems are centered on Osaka, and Umeda has prime access to these corporations, universities and research institutions, airport and other facilities with its central Osaka location.

UMEDA, a HUB in the Kansai Region
Kansai International Airport
Number of airline companies : 65
Number of destination countries/regions : 25
Number of destination cities : 68
Number of flights per week : 919
Note: Created from materials published by New
Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd.

Hanshin Port
■Japan’s second
largest port
■Number of sailings
North American services : 12 sailings / week
European services : 4 sailings / week
Asian services : 139 sailings / week (2010)

Potential of Kansai Regionn

The Kansai area is home to many global corporations and leading research institutions. With particular strengths in manufacturing, the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, and environmental and energy-related technologies, the area has been designated as an International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone of Japan. One of the special features of the Kansai area is that it is home not only to major corporations, but is also bustling with SMEs that have unique technologies. There are also a host of universities and research institutions, such as Kyoto University and Osaka University, which are ranked among the best in the world.

Global Companies Headquartered in Kansai Area (example)

Global Corporations Located in the Kansai Area

Foreign Corporations That Have Expanded in the Kansai Area (example)

Foreign Corporations That Have Expanded in the Kansai Area

Globally Ranked Universities in Kansai

Ranking University name Country
1 Harvard University America
2 Stanford University America
21 The University of
24 Wisconsin State
26 Kyoto University Japan
27 New York University America
49 University Heidelberg Germany/td>
78 Osaka University Japan
78 University of Florida America
101-150 Peking University China
101-150 Seoul National University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
[Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014]

The Kansai Area is Strong in Environmental and Energy Fields

The Kansai Area is Strong in Environmental and Energy Fields

World Famous Inventions Originating from Kansai Area

Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Osaka is credited with the invention of the world’s first instant noodle technology. Their “Cup Noodle” product has become a longseller and a world-wide favorite.
Medical and Pharmaceutical
iPS cells
IPS cells
Pluripotent stem cells are able to replace various parts of the body including nerves and muscle. Their discoverer, Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University, won a 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Inventions from Kansai

ticket gates
1967 Currently OMRON
mobile phone
2000 SHARP
Wii home video
game console
2006 Nintendo