Major commercial facilities in Umeda

Major commercial facilities in Umeda

施設名 ワンフロア賃室面積(㎡)
Umeda Hankyu Building Office Tower 2,800
Grand Front Osaka TowerA:2800  TowerB:2700   TowerC:1700
Umeda Center Building 2,110
Hankyu Grandville 1,580
Osaka Station City 1,500
Applause Tower 1,218
Umeda neighborhood map
  • Umekita Area

    Umekita Area

    This area offers high quality offices, commercial facilities and hotels, as well as innovation facilities.

  • Hankyu Umeda Station/Chayamachi Area

    Hankyu Umeda Station/
    Chayamachi Area

    An area populated with the Hankyu Department Store, which has one of the largest sales floor areas in Japan, and a cluster of shops for young people.

  • Nakazakicho Area

    Nakazakicho Area

    A popular area with young people, full of unique shops and cafes in an historical urban setting.

  • JR Osaka Station Area

    JR Osaka Station Area

    Centered on JR Osaka Station, this area offers all manner of facilities including shops, cinemas, and fitness gyms.

  • Higashi Dori/Ohatsu Tenjin Area

    Higashi Dori/
    Ohatsu Tenjin Area

    Restaurants, bars, karaoke, and video arcades are among the attractions of this night-time entertainment area.

  • Underground Area

    Underground Area

    One of the world‘s largest underground shopping complexes, it is fun to walk through with its rows of affordably priced shops and restaurants.

  • Nishi Umeda Area

    Nishi Umeda Area

    A more sophisticated area, featuring high grade hotels, restaurants, branded fashion stores, and live music venues.

  • JR Osaka Station South Area

    JR Osaka Station
    South Area

    An area blending global and local charms, with department stores, an underground shopping arcade, a hotel and more.

  • Kitashinchi Area

    Kitashinchi Area

    Exclusive clubs, bars, and eateries are gathered together here to create a high class restaurant quarter that rivals Tokyo’s Ginza area.