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Umeda is one of Japan’s largest terminals,used by a multitude of people every day.
Here, countless marketing opportunities are unfolding.

Umeda is one of Japan’s largest terminals, with around 2.5million people boarding or alighting from their trains each day.It offers all kinds of amenities, including shopping, dining, and entertainment. In scale it ranks among the largest facilities in Japan. With all this action, Osaka has recently been selected as the preferred point of entry for a growing number of overseas brands entering Japan for the first time because of its outstanding investment environment, market scale, and other qualities. Furthermore, West Japan Railway Company, Hankyu Corporation, Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd and GRAND FRONT OSAKA TMO General Incorporated association have established the Umeda Area Management Coordination Council, through which they are working to further enhance the appeal of the area through neighborhood creation, events, sharing information, and other means. Situated in central Osaka, the Umeda attracts people of all generations, from young people to business people, families,seniors, and tourists. It presents a wealth of marketing opportunities that will lead your business to success.

Comparison of Concentration of
Commercial Facilities by Region (Store Area)

Number of Passengers Boarding or Alighting at Railway Stations per Day

Source: Toyo Keizai, Inc. “List of Large-Scale Retail Outlets 2014”
Store area calculated on basis of official designation in the above table. Stores surveyed are those with areas in excess of 1,000m2, as of June 2013, based on data on large-scale stores registered with prefectural governments under the Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law.
*Including 54,042m2 for Namba Parks (Naniwa-ku, Osaka)

  • Japan’s Premiere Commercial Hub

    Japan’s Premiere Commercial Hub

    Umeda is Japan’s premiere commercial hub, with a concentration of the three department stores Hankyu, Hanshin, and Daimaru, as well as many large scale commercial facilities. Many people visit Umeda for shopping to seek out the latest Japanese trends.

  • From Haute Cuisine to Stand-to-Drink Stalls

    From Haute Cuisine to Stand-to-Drink Stalls

    The area caters for a full range of diners, with exclusive hotel restaurants and the high-class dining and drinking quarter in Kitashinchi, which rivals Tokyo’s Ginza area, to eateries that populate arcades built underneath raised railway tracks,including stand-to-drink stalls, and the buildings in front of Osaka Station.

  • World Class Underground Shopping Complex

    World Class Underground Shopping Complex

    Underground shopping complexes are common in Japan, and the Umeda complex is known as one of the largest not only in Japan but in the world. The complex is filled with various shops that pedestrians never grow tired of.

  • Brimming with Individuality

    Brimming with Individuality

    Local areas are brimming with individuality, such as Chayamachi, which is full of shops that are popular with young people, and Nakazakicho, with its historical urban setting and many unique shops. It is a great place to set up a small or medium-size store.

  • Plazas Provide Space for Hot Events

    An Event Space with
    Communication Power

    Umeda has large scale event spaces such as the Umekita Plaza and the Toki-no-Hiroba Plaza, which are used for various events ranging from corporate promotions to festivals.This space can also function as a test marketing area for companies.

  • Diverse Entertainment

    Diverse Entertainment

    A wide range of entertainment is available from live music at Billboard Live and other venues to theater, clubs, and cinemas, allowing people to stay out and have fun until late.